Stop losing sales to inconsistent customer service.

Let Clientbook help you get them back.

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Your business thrives on the personal relationships between your clients and sales associates.

Customer loyalty has shifted from loyalty with the best brands to loyalty with the best customer service. Studies show that if customers don’t have consistent customer service, they leave. On the flip side, that same data suggest that clients who have an excellent customer service experience spend 15% more. We built Clientbook from the ground up to give you more consistency and control in the experience your customers have.

Centralized sales associate messaging

Eliminate the need for your sales associates to use their own phones to texts clients. All messaging is located in one thread and is sent via the client’s preferred method (text, email, or the Giftry app).

Personalized client engagement

Send messages to groups of clients at the touch of a button. Just restocked a popular item? Save time by sending a group message to those clients waiting on it. Or maybe you want to send a personal message to a client hours after they’ve left the store? Done.

Eliminate pen and paper clienteling

Gain visibility into who your customers are and what they want at a glance. Save your sales team from the time-consuming work of individual follow up calls while maintaining a personal touch.

A solution for every aspect of your business

Customer Service

Create an unrivaled customer experience when you give your team the tools to succeed.


Gain visibility into the best sales tactics used by your team.


Consistency and processes drive cost savings and increased sales.

Store Management

Increase employee happiness by providing them with the tools to help them succeed.


Increase your store team’s ability to sell by capturing the new and retargeting the old.


Scale sales without increasing costs.

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The best sales people tend to be great at building personal relationships, but struggle with the details of managing a clientele. Clientbook automates those details and opens up a clear path for them to sell more by doing what they’re best at.

In-App Messaging

Provide personal communication to your clients with this professional tool. No need for your sales associate to give out their personal numbers anymore.

Customer Profiles

Recall information about your clients such as their shirt size, next trip, or favorite hobby, all at a glance.

Drive New Leads

Facilitate introductions between your clients’ friends and family and your local in-store sales associates.

Bulk Engage

Quickly reach out to multiple clients at once while maintaining the personal customization that your team is known for.

Drive Foot Traffic

Bring traffic into the store by communicating current deals when customers are nearby.

Create and Share Wantlists

Not ready to buy? No problem. Stay top of mind even after they leave the store.

Your store experience, amplified.

Clientbook by Giftry takes your store experience to the next level. By giving your sales associates the tools to deliver a high level of customer service to your clients, you can reap the rewards of more store visits, higher average sales price and increased profits. Request a demo to learn how Clientbook can impact your business today.

Your sales team is your greatest asset.

Give them the tools they need to succeed.