Headshot of Kelsey McGraw

A Clientbook Interview: Kelsey with Bailey’s Fine Jewelry

by Brandon Wright October 07, 2019 Retail Sales

Today we have Kelsey McGraw of Bailey’s Fine Jewelry. We caught up with Kelsey to chat about her experience with

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Wedding vows and rings

A Clientbook Interview: Margie with Becker’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelry

by Brandon Wright September 30, 2019 Retail Sales

Meet Margie Sneideman from Becker’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelry! She has worked for Becker’s for 30 years.  Margie was kind

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Woman counting her dollar bills

The Retail Rally: A Closer Look At Your Customers’ Economic Well-Being

by Brandon Wright March 14, 2019 Retail Sales

The saying, “Retail Apocalypse” is outdated and should be replaced with “Retail Rally”. A recent Deloitte study examined the retail

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Girl With Shopping Bags

4 Ways To Create An Emotional Connection For Retail Success

by Brandon Wright February 14, 2019 Retail Sales

Let’s get emotional for a minute, after all, today is Valentine’s Day. A day full of love, chocolate and lots

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Amazon Logo Shown on Samsung Phone Screen

Amazon Could Be The Next Big Search Engine (What This Means For Brick and Mortars)

by Brandon Wright January 17, 2019 Marketing, Retail Sales

There have been lots of talks lately on Amazon becoming the next big search engine! Over 55% of online searches

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