Amazon Logo Shown on Samsung Phone Screen

Amazon Could Be The Next Big Search Engine (What This Means For Brick and Mortars)

by Brandon Wright January 17, 2019 Marketing, Retail Sales

There have been lots of talks lately on Amazon becoming the next big search engine! Over 55% of online searches

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Shoppers Lined up With Their Shopping Bags

Generational Shoppers: Are you Selling To Them The Right Way?

by Brandon Wright November 08, 2018 Marketing, Retail Sales

The best salespeople know who their customers are and how to communicate with them. I’ve written about this before but

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Woman looking at wall of notes creative brainstorm

Disruptive Ideas: The Ultimate Customer Experience

by Brandon Wright October 04, 2018 Marketing, Retail Sales

Lots of people talk about disruptive companies. Netflix, Uber, Airbnb, the list goes on. What did those companies do to

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Selling Like Cable Companies (What Not To Do)

by Brandon Wright September 06, 2018 Marketing, Retail Sales

It’s sad that customers know that when it comes to their cable company, loyalty means nothing. The longer you stay

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Amazon Goes Retail: The Good, The Bad, The Conclusion

by Brandon Wright August 23, 2018 Marketing, Retail Sales

I’m passionate about retail. I love using data and psychoanalysis to drive people to purchase more. I believe that the

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A Comparison of 6 Tools For Retail Sales Associates

by Brandon Wright August 16, 2018 Marketing, Retail Sales

Nowadays there’s an app for everything. Want to know how to get a better night’s sleep? Download this app. Want

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omnichannel retail strategies

3 Omnichannel Retail Strategies You Can Start Using Today

by Brandon Wright November 30, 2017 Marketing

If you work in retail, you’ve probably heard a lot about how you need to be thinking about omnichannel. But

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