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Disruptive Ideas: The Ultimate Customer Experience

by Brandon Wright October 04, 2018 Marketing, Retail Sales

Lots of people talk about disruptive companies. Netflix, Uber, Airbnb, the list goes on. What did those companies do to

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Jewelry Store Layout

5 Tips To Redefining, Rethinking, and Reworking Retail

by Brandon Wright September 13, 2018 Retail Sales

Everyone is talking about e-commerce and how to push your online sales. But I want to focus on brick and

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Selling Like Cable Companies (What Not To Do)

by Brandon Wright September 06, 2018 Marketing, Retail Sales

It’s sad that customers know that when it comes to their cable company, loyalty means nothing. The longer you stay

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How To Be A Better Gift-Giver (and Receiver)

by Brandon Wright August 30, 2018 Retail Sales

Being a good gift-giver is truly a… gift. But really, it takes true talent. The best gift-givers are the ones

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Amazon Goes Retail: The Good, The Bad, The Conclusion

by Brandon Wright August 23, 2018 Marketing, Retail Sales

I’m passionate about retail. I love using data and psychoanalysis to drive people to purchase more. I believe that the

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