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A mobile solution that personalizes the experience between customers and retailers

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Your business thrives on personalized relationships between your clients and sales associates

Customer loyalty has shifted from brand names to great experiences. Companies that create personalized relationships with their customers win. In fact, studies show that customers spend 3.5-4x more annually and are 33% more likely to become a repeat customer if they have a personalized relationship with their sales associate. Clientbook was built from the ground up to empower sales associates to create those personalized relationships.

Gain visibility into your customers

Imagine someone walking into your store and being able to see exactly who they are, what products they want, and how to get in contact with them once they leave. With Clientbook, sales associates get a 360 degree view of their customers and can reach out when the time is right to close the sale. Save products the customer is interested in and share via text or email with the click of a button.

Increase sales per associate

Sales associates waste time reviewing notes on clients, finding who to reach out to, and then calling just to have them not answer. Increase efficiency and effectiveness of the sales team’s clienteling efforts without adding headcount. Tasks and reminders allow the sales associate to focus on what they do best – building relationships – while Clientbook Engagement features create a personalized touchpoint without taking your sales team from the floor.

Never leave a customer’s side

Customers don’t want to waste time while associates drag them across the store just to write down contact information or print a quote. Sales associates don’t have time to take detailed notes after a customer leaves. Clientbook was built for mobile so that sales associates can work side-by-side and connect with the customer in real-time, no matter where they are in the store.

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Don’t take our word for it

We’ve tried a lot of different solutions and Clientbook has blown them all out of the water! I’d recommend it to anyone!

Centralized sales associate messaging

Eliminate the need for your sales associates to use their own phones to texts clients. All messaging is located in one thread and is sent via the client’s preferred method (text, email, or the Giftry app).

Personalized client engagement

Send messages to groups of clients at the touch of a button. Just restocked a popular item? Save time by sending a group message to those clients waiting on it. Or maybe you want to send a personal message to a client hours after they’ve left the store? Done.

Eliminate pen and paper clienteling

Gain visibility into who your customers are and what they want at a glance. Save your sales team from the time-consuming work of individual follow up calls while maintaining a personal touch.

CRM Jewelry

The very first customer that my salesperson followed up with through Clientbook led to a $7,500 sale we wouldn’t have had otherwise!

Visibility into your business like never before

How many customers have each sales associates worked with this week? Where are each of those customers in the purchase funnel? How engaged is the team in reaching out? Gain insight through the Clientbook dashboard that has never been available before.

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I wanted to test it out first before rolling it out to all of my stores. I knew within the first week of using it that I was going to go forward with Clientbook.

A solution for every aspect of your business

Customer Service

Create an unrivaled customer experience when you give your team the tools to succeed.


Gain visibility into the best sales tactics used by your team.


Consistency and processes drive cost savings and increased sales.

Store Management

Increase employee happiness by providing them with the tools to help them succeed.


Increase your store team’s ability to sell by capturing the new and retargeting the old.


Scale sales without increasing costs.

wilson diamonds clientbook review

I’ve built an incredible client list with Clientbook. Every one of my sales people loves using it!

Your sales team is your greatest asset.

Give them the tools they need to succeed.

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