[Case Study] How a Fashion Retailer Increased Sales 13% in 1 Week with Clienteling

In this case study, you will learn…

  • How your customers make purchasing decisions in today’s retail world.
  • How you can use the Customer Purchase Journey to increase sales without increasing marketing budget.
  • How to focus your store around client relationships.
  • What you need to do to get your sales team bought in.
  • How to scale your sales team’s ability to build strong relationships with your customers.
  • How a fashion boutique and jewelry store used these insights to drive incredible results.

We’ve done it before

Case Study – Adorn

Before: Adorn had tried to get their sales associates to create personal relationships with clients, but without a simple process and a way for management to hold the team accountable, they weren’t getting much traction.

After: Adorn increased sales 13% in their first week after rolling out Clientbook. Currently, 54% of associates clientele every single working day and 86% clientele at least 2x per week!

“From a marketing perspective, this is the best investment I have ever made in my business!”

– Nicole Whitesell, Owner

Case Study – Wilson Diamonds

Before: Sales associates at Wilson Diamonds didn’t know how to gather good customer info on their first visit without seeming pushy. Before Clientbook, they would only get about 2-5% of customer’s contact info. Most of the time the associate would write everything down on a business card and hoped the client would find their way back into the store.

After: The sales team now captures 90% of potential clients’ phone numbers on their first visit and immediately send them a text. Most of the time, they send clients the professional images of items they are interested in, which makes it easy to reference when they come back into the store. This process has led to a 98% read rate on messages and over 71% response rate from clients!

“With Clientbook, getting the customer information we want is so easy because it feels like a natural step to providing good customer service. Clientbook has been an amazing tool for us. Even better than I initially expected! The team is awesome. I recommend it without hesitation!”

– Jeff Corrigan, Vice President

Case Study – Bailey’s Fine Jewelry

Before: Clienteling for Bailey’s Fine Jewelry consisted of an array of papers and scibbled notes! It was impossible to track as a manager and to use effectively as a sales associate.

After: The sales team has finally captured the vision of clienteling and has run with it. Since implementing Clientbook, the average sales associate at Bailey’s has clienteled 92% of days the store has been opened. They’ve set up automatic reminders that help them follow-up with potential clients who have left the store as well as past clients who are ready to buy again.

“Having everything in one place is a dream. No more loose papers to get lost or forgotten about. The reminders and organization makes clienteling finally easy.”

– Kelsey McGraw, Store Manager

Get 90% of your team to actively clientele

Know who’s clienteling without looking over their shoulders all day.

Grow client engagement by 5x

Build personal relationships with clients without cold calling.

Eliminate time spent micro-managing

Create a clienteling process without wasting your team’s valuable time.

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